FAQs - In This Together Kid Central
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Have a question that isn’t answered below? Please ask! 

Q & A

Have we outgrown our current kid space?

Currently, we can effectively accommodate the needs of 50 children. We averaged 45 in 2017, which is downward trend in recent 2 years after years of swelling attendance.  Our current space makes it challenging to accommodate growth and for teachers to effectively use rooms for any object lessons and activities that correspond to their lessons.

What are some of the features the new building will include?

  • 1 large suite shared by infants and toddlers
  • 6 age-appropriate and developmentally combined classrooms with shared bathrooms
  • 1 large 900ft2 general assembly space
  • 1 large 700ft2 recreation or youth space
  • kitchenette
  • set of new all-church bathrooms
  • nursing mothers room with audio/video of auditorium

How will this help us upgrade and enhance our safety and security for our children?

We would be able to more effectively execute our Risk Management protocol by decreasing congestion during drop off and pick up and by having one secure checkpoint to ensure the safety of the children entrusted to our care. Additional security measures will be in place at each entrance/exit point to keep children and staff safe.

Is this exclusively going to be a space for children?

Primarily, but not exclusively. North Central is a multi-generational church and we envision it will be used for several purposes/age groups as needed.

How much is required to fund the kid central expansion? How much will it cost?

The estimated cost of the building phase is ~ $1.5-1.8 million.

Can we do the same thing cheaper since this seems like a lot of money?

When people see it, it will be impressive without feeling excessive. We envision a functional and attractive building that meets the needs and expectations of our suburban culture, but does not include or depend on an indulgence of unnecessary or luxurious ‘bells & whistles’.

How much available money do we currently have set aside?

We currently have $550,000 in available funds from which approximately $300,000 is restricted for construction use. Separately we have $85,000 in a an emergency reserve fund.

Shouldn't we just give this sizable amount of money to a worthy cause?

We believe that with a facility like this we will immediately see growth in our overall church participation and as a corresponding increase in our capacity to give more to worthy causes. The more people who call North Central Church their home, the wider the bandwidth for giving.

Is there a building committee?

We have a group of professionals who are volunteering on a Finance Team (Scott Jones, Carolyn Postell , Elaine Woznek, Matt Last, Jeanette Claus). They are making financial strategy recommendations to the church board. The design and build portion of the project is being hired out to professionals.

How long is the capital campaign?

It will take place for 3 months. Givers will be asked to consider making financial commitments for a 3 year period and the giving fund will continue for a corresponding 36 months. The Capital Fund financial progress updates will be given along the way and will officially end when the amount needed for the project has been fulfilled.

Why spend the extra money to hire a Capital Campaign consultant?

Studies* show that churches who hire a professional consultant for a fundraising campaign can expect to raise 200 – 300% their annual income in pledges (over 3 years and beyond what people are currently giving). Even estimating pledge giving very conservatively, the study suggests a church can expect 150% times the church’s annual income.  Without a consultant, the average fundraising campaign yields 75% of a church’s annual income. * Church Finance Today, Richard Hammer

Is there more I can give beyond cash and are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes. Any and all forms of charitable giving can be received with a tax deduction. We have an expert available to us through Convoy of Hope that will help make these transactions during the Capital Campaign.

Who are we hiring? Who is the architect and builder?

We used Beardsley for the architect work because of their expertise in education design and have hired Whelan & Curry to build. They are a medium sized local design/build firm with a variety of projects to their credit in the CNY area.  

What is the proposed timeline from start to finish?

From the time we break ground, it should take 10 to 12 months. Our goal is to break ground Summer 2018 and have the project completed by Summer 2019.

Will we have enough parking?

Yes. Our multiple services approach will continue to help us maintain enough Sunday parking without making any changes or added expenses.

Will there be issues with a flat roof design in our climate?

Though the roof appears flat from the ground, it is a single-slope design from front to back. This method effectively moves water off the roof and away from the building.

Why isn't there a large kitchen included?

We will continue to depend on a catering approach to event & meal planning.

Will there be outdoor play equipment?

Yes, if and when the building cost & budget permits.

What is the plan for the current kid space after the new one is built?

There are no formal plans drawn currently but there is desire and potential for the much needed expansion of our reception & lobby into the vacated space.

As a attendee/member, what is being asked of me?

Learn: Attend informational meetings to learn about the project. Proactive engagement from the church family.

Pray: Pray for everyone involved in making this project a success. Pray that our partnership with the Liverpool and North Syracuse school districts will be strong and fruitful. Pray about what you’ll commit to give financially.

Give: Sacrificially, intentionally, joyfully

Are there volunteer opportunities that I can get involved in?

Yes. They will be made known throughout the building phase as they surface.

Q & A

Is there a need for a before and after school child care program?

There is definitely a need. There are currently 7100 elementary aged students in the Liverpool and North Syracuse school districts as potential customers. In CNS & Liverpool districts, there are 2 major before and after school care programs that are full for the fall school year 2017-2018. All the other child care programs tend to have a waiting list.

Are we building a 'Christian School' child care Program?

No. We will do everything necessary to maximize our appeal to all neighboring families — either churched or unchurched. We don’t have a desire to primarily enroll Christian families looking for Christian child care.

Who will run the programming?

We envision hiring a professional Business Administrator who has a reputation for building a thriving business. They will be tasked with leading teams of trained educators and care givers.

How many students will there be per teacher per classroom?

We will have 2 teachers for every 20 students.

How much will it cost?

It will offer lower or comparable pricing to local child care programs.

Will you be NYS certified/licensed?

Yes! We meet all 70 pages of regulations set by NYS. With being NYS certified, district school buses are required to bus to and from our location.

How many children will the child care program accommodate?

We will be able to accommodate up to 240 children if all the spaces are occupied.

If we take money for the child care programming, will we be required to use secular curriculum/protocols?

We would not do or receive anything that restricts our ability to accomplish the mission.

What will the additional operational expenses be and how will this increase our annual budget?

We will design an operations budget for the child care programming that is accounted for separate from our church ministries budget. It is planned to file the paperwork needed to create “Kid Central” as a separate LLC.